Truck Packs, Streamlined | Streamliner

State-of-the-art productions require state-of-the-art technology. When it comes to transporting and storing that technology, Streamliner trusts Fiasco.

If you’re after a high-tech, high-impact event, look no further than Streamliner Productions. The Wellington-based A/V production company is the technical brains behind the NZ Dairy Industry Awards, the Wellington Sportsperson of the year Awards, the LUX Light Festival, and a raft of other visually spectacular events. Large-scale moving displays are their specialty, owning 25-metre panoramic screens both LED and high contrast projection surfaces, and other necessary big-ticket equipment, while also boasting their own motion graphics design team. “There’s always something moving on screen,” says production manager Marcus Rietveld. “We go a step further than your regular PowerPoint.”

Multi-Fit Flexibility

Marcus and Fiasco co-founder Joe Bradford go way back. Talking on speakerphone from his car as he drives between jobs, Marcus remembers their early dealings. Prior to Streamliner, Marcus was working in audio production and knew Joe through industry circles. And, in fact, that real-world experience is one of Marcus’s favourite things about Fiasco, with Joe and Matt Waterhouse both having worked in the industry prior to founding Fiasco. “It’s nice that it’s been designed by people who have been on the road, know what it’s like to lift a case, and be on-site with one.”

“It’s nice that it’s been designed by people who have been on the road, know what it’s like to lift a case, and be on-site with one.”

That insider knowledge is reflected in every aspect of Fiasco’s product design. Take, for instance, the multi-fit divider system, which lets you rearrange the internal organisation countless ways. This flexible approach to interior arrangement has been a real winner for Streamliner, who use the dividers to create multiple compartments within a single case. “We had a lot of small parts in small cases,” says Marcus. “Now we can take just the one case and it has all the little pieces we need. That’s a big advantage over lots of little disorganised cases.”

Standardised Dimensions = Faster Loads

If flexibility is a feature of the inside, uniformity is the key distinctive of the outside. “I love the fact that they’re standardised in their case sizing,” Marcus enthuses. The consistent case dimensions ensure Streamliner can fit their cases in their 2.4-metre box trucks without wasting any space. While most of Streamliner’s Fiasco products have been purchased off-the-shelf, they have do have four custom-built Fiasco cases. Marcus makes special mention of the fact that even the customised cases have been designed to the same dimensions. “It’s been a godsend,” he says. “A lot of high-end, specialised equipment comes out of Europe, but it’s not always the correct size for our trucks. Fiasco’s been able to help us make things a lot more uniform.”


“It’s been a godsend...Fiasco’s been able to help us make things a lot more uniform.”


This standardised approach is the secret behind Fiasco’s “Truck Packology,” a systems approach to packing trucks that has impacted how Streamliner goes about its business. “We’ve been able to plan our truckloads and getting a very good idea of how much equipment will fit in a truck before the truck turns up to be loaded,” explains Marcus. Because the dimensions are consistent and compatible, there are no surprises when packing the truck. “It just makes our truck loads a lot faster and you don’t have something sticking out that doesn’t fit in the truck.”

Build Quality Builds Satisfaction

Amidst all the talk about Truck Packology, it can be easy to forget another cornerstone of the Fiasco ethos: quality. “Shortcut” is not in the Fiasco vocabulary; everything has to be done right. This commitment to quality is near the top of the list of what Marcus likes most about Fiasco: “I love the build quality of the cases.”


Aside from the products themselves, however, Marcus really appreciates working with Joe. After years of rubbing shoulders in the industry, Marcus is grateful to be able to deal with someone who “gets” it when it comes to road cases. “Joe’s very focused and cares about what it’s like for us,” says Marcus, as he finally arrives at his destination. Just before signing off, he adds, “I’d probably only do this [interview] for Joe. He’s a good guy.”