Better Touring

Better touring starts with better design - inside and out.

Fiasco road cases slot together like they're made for each other - because they are. Everything just fits. How do we do it? A genius approach to design: uniformity on the outside; versatility on the inside. It cleverly maximises space, eliminates clutter and gives you that satisfied "ahhhhhh" feeling you get when everything's in its right place. That is better touring.

Outside - Truck Packology!

Ordinary road cases come in odd sizes, leaving you with a grab-bag of mismatched cases. But Fiasco road cases are different. They're made to standardised dimensions, meaning they pack and stack together perfectly - Truck Packology!

So it's more than just a road case; it's an entire mobile storage system. The ingenious modular design means that every case fits just right. Cases can be arranged countless ways and they'll always go together flawlessly - like Tetris blocks. Lined up flush, square and true, not an inch wasted. Beautiful.

What's the secret sauce?

Our mathematically-awesome dimensions. We sussed out the optimal lengths, heights and widths to ensure total compatibility between cases. So you can pack them, stack them, rotate them, flip them and reorganise them endlessly and they'll fit every time. Plus, we made them with transportation in mind, designed to fit neatly in a standard box truck with just enough wiggle room so they're easy to get in and out.

There are two families of road cases: 600 series and 800 series. That means a "base unit" of 600mm and 800mm respectively.* Sticking with one family will give you maximum compatibility. But you can still mix n' match cases from either series and you'll find they still go together ridiculously well (because, hey, they're all part of one big happy Fiasco family anyway).

*i.e., 600 series comes in lengths of 600, 1200, 1800; 800 series comes in lengths of 800, 1600; our 2400 case is part of both series.

Divider System

Our ingenious divider system lets you organise the inside any way you want. Dividers come with all our road cases, so you can give every item, big or small, its own snug compartment for safe transit and easy access.

Dividers just slot together. Each panel has multiple slits, allowing you to arrange and rearrange a bunch of different ways. Made from crazy-strong birch plywood, they can be repositioned time and again without breaking. They come in different heights too: tall, mid (to accommodate a tray on top) and short (for short cases). And you can also buy them foam-lined for a little extra cushioning.

It's groovy, baby (literally). We cut grooves into the foam sidings, rather than mounting rails onto it, so you can insert the dividers at multiple points or leave them out to keep the inside open, without clunky rails getting in the way or eating into your interior space.

Divider Kits

Our standard dividers are all you need for most equipment. But for the trickier stuff, we have a range of divider kits. It's the same brilliant system, tweaked to accommodate more complex gear.

Take drape kits, for example. Packing long pushups, bulky drapes, backbreakingly-heavy base plates—it gets outta control pretty fast. Our divider kit for drapes arranges these cumbersome components like a neatly-packed lunchbox.


Some gear needs the special treatment. For the big-sized, big-ticket stuff—motors, LX, drape bases—we create item-specific inserts that securely house them in ultra-tough birch plywood. Best of all, inserts fit perfectly inside our standard road cases, so there's no need to splash out on a single-purpose road case.

Need a different solution? If you've got something that can't be accommodated in any of the ways above, we're happy to custom-build a case that works for you. Give us a call.