1200 case
1200 case lid open
1200 case with castor wheels
Inside 1200 case with eva foam lining
1200 case with divider inserts
1200 case with eighteen light compartments
1200 case with inserts and divider tray
Inside 1200 road case with inserts
Inside 1200 road case with eight separate compartments
1200 road case with light divider inserts
1200 road case with divider inserts for cable storage
1200 road case with cable management inserts and divider trays
1200 case with light inserts and cable storage trays
1200 case with six polyproof hard cases inside
1200 road case with multi storage inserts
1200 road case storing base plates

1200 Case

This 1200 Case is a workhorse.

Roomy enough to take all your big gear, while the adjustable divider system keeps your small gear snug. Made from ultra-tough components for years of active duty.

This protective road case is designed for the toughest conditions. It's shock-absorbing, weather-resistant, and able to withstand extreme temperatures. Its customisable compartments make it easy to take your equipment on the go.

A perfect fit in any transport, 1200 Cases are optimised for Truck Packology: 

  • 590mm stack 4 wide and 3 high in a standard box truck
  • 1200 case can fit 5 28L Polyproof cases below the trays

(Re)configure your case inventory with any combination of: 

  • Dividers
    • On the shelf whenever you need them but sold separately. Perfect for keeping your items organized and within reach.
  • Custom inserts
    • Custom designed and made for your item. We have done hundreds of these over the years so we may well have just what you need already. Ask your Customer Project Manager for more info. 
  • Empty
    • Cases come lined with foam ready for dividers or inserts that can be added now or in the future.



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Sidings Black hex resin impregnated 9mm Birch Ply
Wheel-board 18mm Birch Ply with low lifting cut-outs
Extrusions 2mm proprietary 6061-T6 alloy
Hardware Penn Elcom zinc plated fittings
Wheels Penn Elcom 250kg 4" blue castors
Wheel pockets Shower proof gaskets
Label Label dish with shower proof gaskets
Lining Durable foam to take dividers & Fiasco inserts
Internal Capacity 360L
Shipping Volume 0.56cbm
Weight 59kg
Case Dimensions
(L x D x H)
1180 x 590 x 800mm 


We ship throughout New Zealand via Toll, Mainfreight and Post Haste Courier service.

If your order is small like a Polyproof Case then we will typically send this via 1-3 day courier on the next business day.

If your order is larger then it will come via Toll or Mainfreight's trucking network within 1-7 days.

Shipping costs are additional to our website prices. We will confirm shipping costs on your final invoice.

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