4U SLAM Rack
4U SLAM Rack
4U SLAM Rack

4U SLAM Rack

Roll into your next gig like a pro, with Fiasco's 4U SLAM Racks - the ultimate touring solution for your light day-to-day travel.

Made with Penn Elcom hardware and a sturdy honeycomb flight panel construction, these racks are both lightweight and strong, ensuring your gear stays protected on the road.

Whether it's for your wireless mic receivers, IEM transmitters, playback systems, or breakout room audio rigs, 4U SLAM Racks are the perfect grab-and-go solution for all your essential gear. Plus, with the option to add drawers, you can easily store all your loose items and keep everything organised.

Ergonomically placed handles and the rack's lightweight construction mean they're a dream to load into smaller transport - perfect for all your local gigs.

When it comes to bigger tours, 4U SLAMS fit perfectly inside Fiasco Road Cases. With the flexibility to transport them side by side 3UP in a 800 Case or 6UP in a 1600 Case, you can simply pop open your road case, grab the rack you need with one hand, and be good to go.


A perfect fit in any transport, three 4U SLAM Racks fit into an 800 Case, optimised for 2.4m Truck Packology:

  • Pack 4 side-by-side in 2400mm box trucks and semi-trailers
  • Pack 3 end-to-end in 2400mm box trucks and semi-trailers


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Rack Spaces 4U
Rack Depth 361mm front to rear ear
Rack Ears Fitted with front and rear rack ears
Mounting fixtures M6 screws, washers & cage-nuts incl.
Sidings Polypropylene flight panel
Extrusions 2mm proprietary 6061-T6 alloy
Hardware Penn Elcom zinc plated fittings
Doors Black HDPE doors with slam latch
Label Label dish with shower proof gaskets
Shipping Volume 0.05cbm
Weight 10.2kg
Case Dimensions
(D x W x H)
490 x 536 x 228mm


We ship throughout New Zealand via Toll, Mainfreight and Post Haste Courier service. 

If your order is small, like a Polyproof Case, we will typically send this via 1-3 day courier on the next business day. 

If your order is larger, it will come via Toll or Mainfreight's trucking network within 1-7 days. 

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