800 Water Station front lid closed
800 Water Station with front lid as a detachable tabletop

800 Water Station


Keep the crew hydrated and happy!

Why run off in search of water when it can run after you? Keeping up with your water intake on tour is essential. Water on wheels that can keep up with you? Now that’s ideal. 

Take the way you tour from old school to new school and improve your corporate image, with this environmentally friendly choice. Get rid of all the plastic bottles and swap them out for this one-stop, money-saving water station! 

This station offers roadies cool, refreshing beverages on a sweltering day, and comforting, hot beverages when they’re looking for a cup of warmth. They’re also the perfect addition to any green room. 

A removable door with fold-out legs transforms into a table or desk, which then clips onto the side of your case to create the ultimate water station. All the hydration you need, wherever you need to be. 

A perfect fit in any transport, 800 Cases are optimised for 2.4m Truck Packology:

  • Pack 4 side-by-side in 2400mm box trucks and semi-trailers
  • Pack 3 end-to-end in 2400mm box trucks and semi-trailers


This case takes a Brio Water Dispenser Model CLBL520SC, which can be found at Home Depot, Walmart or Amazon

The water dispenser’s features include:

  • Convenient bottom loading
  • Nightlight
  • Child safety lock
  • 3 x temperatures (hot, cool, and room temperature)
  • Self-cleaning

This case has enough storage for the following: 

- 2 x Spare waterbottles

- 1 x Brio Water dispenser unit

- Paper cups / k cups  (we recommend supplying your crew with reusable cups or bottles)



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Sidings Black resin impregnated 9mm Birch Ply
Wheel-board 18mm Birch Ply with low lifting cut-outs
Extrusions 2mm proprietary 6061-T6 alloy
Hardware Penn Elcom zinc plated fittings
Wheels Penn Elcom 200kg 4" blue castors
Label Label dish with shower proof gaskets
Lining Drawers lined with removable durable foam
Drawers Lockable auto-soft-close-and-hold
Other Dish for 2 Neutrik panel connectors
Internal Capacity 225L
Shipping Volume 0.64cbm
Weight 105.1kgs
Case Dimensions
(D x W x H)
590 x 790 x 1336mm


We ship throughout New Zealand via Toll, Mainfreight and Post Haste Courier service.

If your order is small like a Polyproof Case then we will typically send this via 1-3 day courier on the next business day.

If your order is larger then it will come via Toll or Mainfreight's trucking network within 1-7 days.

Shipping costs are additional to our website prices. We will confirm shipping costs on your final invoice.

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