800 Workstation
800 Workstation
800 Workstation
800 Workstation
800 Workstation
800 Workstation
800 Workstation

800 Workstation

The all-in-one mobile workstation!

Fiasco’s mobile production workstation has proven itself on tour over the years, with a design to meet the demands of on-the-go professionals like tour managers, stage managers, or anyone needing a reliable remote office on tour. 

This all-in-one workbox is a versatile solution for any of your travelling office requirements. With a removable door featuring fold-out legs that attach to the side of the drawers, it can quickly transform into an ultra-sturdy desk or tool bench. The case features a mixture of five small and large drawers, which you can view the internal heights of when you download the product spec sheet.

All drawers lock in unison with a single key, which provides you with a storage solution that’s not only spacious and robust, but also secure.

With plenty of room, you can easily store all of your required tools, gaff tape, office supplies, first-aid kits, Clear-Coms, DI boxes, mics, and spare parts - there’s even room to hang your rigging harness! The soft-close-and-hold drawers ensure the case never tips over.

The option of mounting your screen onto the workstation’s lid allows you to take your workstation from sitting to standing as you need to, which makes it ideal for control offices and front-of-house or side-of-stage setups.

The desk is the perfect home for laptops or as a workbench when at the show. Travel your printer on the internal worktop and then quickly move it to the side table when needed. 

The case was designed for Polyproof Cases to travel on the internal worktop - ideal for Polyproof 31L and Polyproof 54L cases. 

The built-in two-hole Neutrik dish lets you fit your workstation with power sockets, ethernet jacks, or any connection point you require. Discreetly install base stations and WIFI routers in the side panel directly adjacent to the Neutrick dish. 

Everything you need, wherever you are.


A perfect fit in any transport, 800 Workstations are optimised for 2.4m Truck Packology:

  • Pack 4 side-by-side in 2400mm box trucks and semi-trailers
  • Pack 3 end-to-end in 2400mm box trucks and semi-trailers


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Sidings Black resin impregnated 9mm Birch Ply
Wheel-board 18mm Birch Ply with low lifting cut-outs
Extrusions 2mm proprietary 6061-T6 alloy
Hardware Penn Elcom zinc plated fittings
Wheels Penn Elcom 200kg 4" blue castors
Label Label dish with shower proof gaskets
Lining Drawers lined with removable durable foam
Drawers Lockable auto-soft-close-and-hold
Other Dish for 2 Neutrik panel connectors
Internal Capacity 225L
Shipping Volume 0.64cbm
Weight 105.1kgs
Case Dimensions
(D x W x H)
590 x 790 x 1336mm


We ship throughout New Zealand via Toll, Mainfreight and Post Haste Courier service.

If your order is small like a Polyproof Case then we will typically send this via 1-3 day courier on the next business day.

If your order is larger then it will come via Toll or Mainfreight's trucking network within 1-7 days.

Shipping costs are additional to our website prices. We will confirm shipping costs on your final invoice.

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