POLYPROOF 154L Protective Case
POLYPROOF 154L Protective hard case with pick and pluck foam
POLYPROOF 154L protective hard case empty
POLYPROOF 154L protective case with wheels and handle


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Ultra-light and mega-strong, this bad boy is made for gear on the move. Wheels and an extension handle mean easy portability. It’s how we roll. 

  • Watertight
  • Shockproof
  • Dustproof
  • Comfortable rubber over-molded handles
  • Retractable extension handles
  • Comes fitted with customisable pluck foam

Perfect for storing and transporting items like WIFI routers, computer screens, mice, keyboards, stream desks, headphones, camera batteries and accessories, cameras, compact DMX controllers and receivers, first-aid supplies, adaptors and connectors, wireless microphone transmitters, sewing machines, cables, mics, and more.

Whether you're an aspiring photographer, touring musician, or an industrial company, we've got you covered. See the 'Foam Insert' dropdown to determine the best option for you.

* Six pack provided for size reference only, sadly not included.


Material Glass-filled Polypropylene
Foam Pick and pluck w/ convoluted lid foam
Custom Foam Option Click here for more options
Internal Capacity 154L
Shipping Volume 0.2cbm
Weight 17.6kg
Internal Lid Depth 76mm
Internal Bottom Depth 326mm
External Dims (DxWxH) 557 x 833 x 431mm
Internal Dims (DxWxH) 482 x 763 x 405mm
Colour Black
Air Valve Auto pressure equalisation valve
Handles Rubber over-moulded
Hardware Stainless steel
Watertight Silicone O-ring in lid


Product Certifications:  

  • Waterproof to IP67-IEC60529 (IP67)
  • Impact resistance to ATA300
  • Immersion to MIL-STD-810
  • Low temperature to IEC60068-2-1 (-40 degrees C)
  • High temperature to IEC60068-2-2 (90 degrees C)

Customisable Pluck Foam:

If you buy today our Polyproof cases come fitted with customisable pluck foam. This foam is divided into small cubes that can be separated by hand to create a snug fit for your delicate items.

This is a great option if you are buying a case for a personal camera, laptop, or any other sensitive personal equipment.

Custom Foam Inserts:

Some items need extra protection. For an additional cost, Fiasco can make you custom foam inserts for your most precious tools, or toys. Click here to learn more about our custom foam inserts. 

This is a great option if you are a production customer who tours often or an industrial company looking to purchase in bulk. To get custom inserts, please get in touch.

We ship throughout New Zealand via Toll, Mainfreight and Post Haste Courier service. If your order is small, like a Polyproof Case, we will typically send this via 1-3 day courier on the next business day. If your order is larger, it will come via Toll or Mainfreight's trucking network within 1-7 days. 

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road tested

"Honestly, I've lost count of how many Polyproof cases L.A.B. own, we use them for EVERYTHING!  Guitars, keyboards, and SPDs to tech kits. They're designed tough, lightweight and all lock together when they need to be packed for our tours. Whether the shows are local or international, the gear always arrives in top condition when it's pulled out for our next show. "

- Ara Adams-Tamatea (L.A.B)

Safe rom the elements

Watertight, dustproof, shockproof—pretty much everything-proof. Protects the good stuff inside by keeping the bad stuff out.

Strong on the outisde

Heavy-duty, lightweight materials make this protective case easy to carry but hard to break. A welterweight champ: light on its feet but can take the big hits. 

Snug on the inside

Customise the foam interiors to the exact shape of your equipment for a perfect fit. Shields your gear from bumps, thumps…and chumps.